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Human Billiard

3 HR Rental $175
8 HR Rental $350

This 30’x17’ life-like billiard table puts a whole new meaning on playing pool. Use your feet and colored soccer balls in an effort to run the table before you opponent does first.

Bungee Run

3 HR Rental $300
8 HR Rental $500

Get ready for the race of your life! With this 34’x11’x9.5’ 2-lane bungee run inflatable, you and your opponent sprint for the lead, only to be snapped back at the last second by a powerful bungee cord! Who will master the challenge and reach the end of the Bungee Run first? The trick is to run fast enough to get ahead, but not so fast the bungee brings you back to the start in the blink of an eye. Ready? Set? Go!

Gladiator Joust

3 HR Rental $300
8 HR Rental $500

Gladiators ready! Players can challenge each other as they each climb onto their pedestal in this 22’x22’x5’ inflatable. Using over-sized joust poles, each player attempts to strike, swat, and nudge each other off in an effort to be the winner!

Human Hamster Balls

3 HR Rental $200 Ea or (2) for $300
8 HR Rental $400 Ea or (2) for $500

Monkey Madness

3 HR Rental $250
8 HR Rental $450

Race and slide for the bananas as this bounce house rocks side to side.

Titan Pong


Titan Pong takes the fun of beer pong and jumbo-sizes it, making it the perfect addition to any tailgate, bbq, backyard game night, or any other outdoor event.

Portable Beer Pong Table


Portable Full regulation size beer pong table. Perfect for bbqs, house parties or any other type of celebration.

Giant Tumbling Tower


Oversized Horsehoes


Play this classic game giant style! You’ll have a blast competing with these mega horseshoes!

Bumper Balls

4 HR Rental $20 Ea
or 4 balls for $75

Our giant 4’ and 5′ inflatable human knocker bumper balls are a blast for people of all ages. You can fall, battle, and roll against each other; bouncing away without worrying about injury.

Cornhole by:


These premium cornhole boards created by Arch CO Customs are a perfect addition to any event!

Movie & Projection Screens

These outdoor movie screens are perfect for your summer movie in the park evenings, to show a home movie at your brother’s 50th birthday bash, or to show highlights of that special event/celebration!

100″ Screen

Hang or Stand $75

150″ Screen

Hang or Stand $100

180″ 4K Ultra HD Screen W/Stand

Front or Rear Display $150

200″ Screen W/ Stand


Projector- $50 – Don’t have a projector? We’ve got your covered! 3D Home Theater Projector with All-Glass Cinema Grade Lens and RGBRGB color.

3D Glasses- $1.25 Per Pair- Turn your movie into a 3D Experience! (*Movie must be 3D Compatible and is not included)


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